Welcome to Singapore (Singapura) – the Lion City

When you fly into Singapore's Changi International Airport probably the first thing you notice is the size of the Airport Terminal as you head through Customs and Immigration to pick up your baggage. It's a big airport with lots of flights in and out, but also very clean, well-organized and efficient. You will also see beautiful Singapore orchids in the Terminal here too, and while many people pass through Singapore on a Transit stop, the City is definitely very attractive and worth seeing, with many really great things to see too.

Welcome to Singapore – a Country and Island City Nation located on the southern tip of the Malaysian Peninsula, with the Straits of Johor separating Singapore from its northern neighbour and the Malaysian State of Johor, and the island of Sumatra in Indonesia to its south.

Singapore has a number of islands, but the main Island where the City of Singapore is located is loosely an oval shape with its longest distance being 42 kilometres long and a width of just 23 kilometres. The island covers a land area of 585 square Kilometres (351 acres), so really quite small.

The centre of Singapore is Orchard Road – a long road with cinemas, shops, bars, cafes, hotels and restaurants all along it. If you can find a hotel close to or on Orchard Road, you will be within walking distance of these stores and within easy distance of other attractions that you will want to see.

Taxis in Singapore are relatively cheap, and they are restricted to an 80kmh speed limit, so when the Taxi goes over the speed limit a small bell keeps ringing to alert the driver and you the passenger that they are speeding. The bells will no doubt ring as you head from the airport to the City – and what a city it is with imaginative new high rise buildings and some equally spectacular tourist attractions.

There are also Shuttle Buses and the MRT train service to the City from the airport, and the MRT train stations are underground within a network taking you to various parts of the City.

You can also hire a car, but when you pick up the car also ask about parking and time restrictions in the City centre.

Happy Travelling!

Geoff Stuart

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