To start your journey to North Island

Auckland – New Zealand’s biggest city

New Zealand has a total population of just 4.4 million people, of which 1.4 million live in New Zealand’s biggest city, Auckland. The Capital City...

New Zealand History, Nau mai! (Welcome)

When people refer to New Zealand, they invariably also refer to Australia almost at the same time – and while the two countries are relatively close together...


Wellington is New Zealand’s Capital City where Parliament, the Governor General and foreign Embassies are all located here. The city has a population of...

North Island – North from Auckland

Whangarei The city of Whangarei is the biggest city north of Auckland with a population of around 52,000, with the small farm and villages nearby adding...

North Island –
South from Auckland

Heading south from Auckland you have many choices as you travel to Wellington, the Capital City at the southern end of the North Island. You...

What to do in an Earthquake

New Zealand is sometimes called the ‘Shaky Islands’ – due to the amount of seismic activity that sometime occurs in both the South Island and North Island...

RUGBY and the All Blacks

Sport plays a big part in New Zealand life – and Rugby (Rugby Union) and New Zealand’s “All Blacks” open their games by singing the ‘Haka’. This...

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