The Caribbean Holiday

The Caribbean Holiday –

Which island or islands should you choose?

It's a hard choice!

There are lots of ways to help you decide which island or islands that you want to visit and spend your holiday seeing and these are some of them –

Choices and decisions -

  • Language – English speaking, French, Dutch or Spanish? Do you want to immerse yourself in another language and culture, or stay with your own?
  • Price – Always important. What will it cost? Also check dates. Choosing a low season to travel can save money and also you have generally the same facilities but less people.
  • Location – how easy is it to get to? How long will it take to get there? What airport transfers/facilities/activities/food/drinks are included or excluded. Is it in an isolated location or in the heart of the action? Do you need to or should you hire a car?
  • Activities – all islands will have palm trees and beaches, some will have reefs for snorkelling, others have better deep sea fishing, others great golf courses, some have great nightlife and an active party scene; others are much quieter. Which activities are you looking for? All the islands have beaches – some with lots of activities and other deserted. While swimming or staying at a semi-deserted or deserted beach can be fun, if you are a city type person, it can quickly become boring too with no shops and amenities to distract you. Many of the cruises stop at deserted islands and a stop-over allows you to experience the beauty of the Caribbean as it has been for hundreds of years, and at the same time the cruise ship is there ready to offer you a cocktail and dinner once you return on board.
  • Hotels and Resorts – Often your accommodation choice will determine how much you enjoy your holiday. Things to look for besides cost, facilities and the inclusions are the size of the hotel or resort. Do you want to stay in a big international hotel or something much smaller? Are you looking for great nightlife, a place for the kids, or to have a cultural experience with more local character? Is it walking distance to other amenities or should you look to hire a car?
  • Heritage, Architecture and history – some islands have lots of history and great architecture to see, while others are focussed on the beach and activities around it.
  • People – if you like to meet and spend time with new people, then taking a Cruise is a good choice. You can spend time just sitting around, having dinner with none of the hassles involved in carrying your luggage and sitting in airports.
  • Wildlife – are you looking to see underwater tropical fish, or wanting to do bird watching?
  • Hiking - There are quite a few islands with hiking activities, some better than others.
  • Humanitarian – Haiti is probably the island country that needs most help. If you have skills and the desire to help, or simply just money that you are able to donate, then contact one of the many charity organisations that are working in Haiti.


Based on Language

  • For English speaking as a first language – Choose Bahamas, Puerto Rico (English and Spanish), Bermuda, Barbados, Cayman Islands, Grenada, British Virgin Islands, Jamaica, St Kitts and Nevis, Montserrat, Saint Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago, Dominica
  • Based on French as a first language – Choose Guadeloupe, Martinique, St. Barthélemy,  Saint Martin
  • Based on Spanish – Choose Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Isla de Margarita, Isla Cozumel
  • Based on Dutch – Choose Saba, Curaҫao, Bonaire, Aruba

NOTE: Many people also are bi-lingual in the Caribbean. Sometimes it is good to immerse yourself in a foreign language, and other times you may just want to be surrounded by people speaking your own language.


The Caribbean Islands are a great holiday choice and thousands of people from the USA, Canada, South America, Europe and elsewhere head here to enjoy the sun, beaches, great atmosphere and snorkel, dive, swim, fish and enjoy cocktails, a Rum and Coke, beer and party.

I hope you have a great time here in the Caribbean.

All you have to do now is plan when to come.

Happy Holidays

Geoff Stuart 

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